The Fassi cranes from the S Series have been designed and constructed especially to be fitted to and operate on vehicles which transport and handle pallet-stored building materials. In addition to the well-recognised characteristics of quality and reliability common to all Fassi Gru products, these cranes offer the possibility to quickly load and unload materials transported on work-site vehicle beds. They are used in particular on the German market and mainly serve warehouses and construction companies. This country and these sectors were the first to appreciate their excellent performance and high level of versatility in building material logistics. Their characteristics allow operators to work quickly and more easily thanks to a new easy-to-use control system and a practical and ergonomic working position, which simplifies the management of the various stages of operations, thus satisfying the highest market standards.

Max. Lifting Capacity 17,80 ton/m
Max. Hydraulic Outreach 13,65 metre
Slewing Angle 420°
Slewing Torque 32,5 kNm
Recommended Pump Capacity 45+45l/min
Oil Tank 240 litre
Dead Weight 2390kg

F185AS.21 - Lifting capacity at horizontal position

1. 2.
kg 5.000 3.055 2.130
m 3,50 5,85 8,30

F185AS.22 - Lifting capacity at horizontal position

1. 2. 3.
kg 4.850 2.855 1.935 1.470
m 3,50 5,95 8,40 10,85

F185AS.23 - Lifting capacity at horizontal position

1. 2. 3. 4.
kg 4.700 3.000 2.700 1.800 1.300 1.040
m 3,40 5,30 5,90 8,30 10,80 13,30


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